NYSCEC Chapter Information

Chapter Rebate Program

Who doesn't like free money? The NYSCEC Chapter Rebate Program allows your chapter to gain a solid income to help fund chapter events, travel, recruitment drives and programs.

All that is needed to succeed is:

  • Complete & Submit a Chapter Rebate Form.
  • All Chapter Officers must be CEC members in good standing as of 12/31/2015.
  • All Chapters must submit 4 events preformed during January 1-December 31 .
  • Contact information must be provided. 

NYSCEC Policies

  • All uncashed unit checks will be voided and funds retained by CEC headquarters at the end of six months.
  • On an annual basis, a refund will be issued on the first business day of April to state/provincial units utilizing the December 31 membership figures.  The refund will be for the period January 1-December 31
  • To receive a unit refund a unit must maintain the requirements for being a unit as specified in Section Two, Part 3, Chapter 03 and any other applicable portion of the CEC Policy Manual.  (See Section Two, Part 3, Chapter 03, Para. 4.)

To see if your chapter qualifies, please begin by submitting your Chapter Rebate Form.

Welcome New York State Council for Exceptional Children (NYS CEC) Chapters!!

This is your one stop shop for all your chapter needs.

Important Documents

Starting A New Chapter Is Easy

Step 1: Contact CEC 

Contact CEC for the chapter organizational kit at 888/232-7733 or e-mail service@cec.sped.org.Please specify whether you want the kit for a student chapter or professional chapter (their constitutions are different).

Step 2: Contact State CEC Regional Representative 

Contact the CEC in your state/province to find out what requirements you’ll need to meet to become officially recognized.

Please note that recognition of your chapter comes from your CEC state/provincial unit – not CEC Headquarters.

CEC state/provincial list.

Student chapters should also check with the student activities office on your campus for information on how to become a recognized organization at your college/university.

Step 3: Schedule Meeting 

Schedule a meeting and invite everyone who might be interested! At this meeting, appoint or elect officers, establish committees, and sign up new members.

You’ll need at least 15 members to start your chapter. These can be both new members and transfers from other chapters. For new members, you’ll need to send their membership application and payment to CEC; for members transferring into your chapter, complete the membership transfer form.

Students—Please Note: Not all university students qualify for student membership in CEC. CEC defines a student member as: “…a person enrolled in The Council who is a full-time student during the academic year as defined by an accredited college or university or a person enrolled in The Council who is a part-time student who is not engaged in full-time employment as a certified professional in the field of education.”

Step 4: Submit Materials  

A. Complete and submit these materials to your CEC state/provincial unit: (i.e. NYSCEC)

1. Chapter application
2. List of officers
3. Constitution and bylaws
4. List of new members submitting membership applications to CEC
5. Photocopy of membership transfer form

B. Submit these materials to CEC:
1. Membership applications and payments from new members
2. Membership transfer form

If the steps look daunting, don't worry! It's our job to help you. Contact your local NYSCEC Representative and they will be glad to assist.